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Featured Health Hero - Pati Frey

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Share it! Pati Frey takes action. She uses her business skills to advance the health and well-being of women in Zambia through a project that begins in a garbage dump and ends in U.S. fashion boutiques.

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African women with little resources make colorful, functional purses out of trash bags and old video tapes recovered from trash dumps. Pati Frey arranges to have these purses purchased and shipped to her home in America. There neighbors and local shops sell the purses.

All the money that Pati receives from the purse sales goes to the Zambian women. These Zambian women have become an important economic and health resource in their villages. women and purses

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Mary DakkaWith her money from purse sales, Mary Dakka was able to buy a prosthetic leg. Now she can walk, and her quality of life has dramatically improved.

For more information or to help with this effort, contact Pati at