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Featured Health Hero - Terry Hitchcock | Student Health Force
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Featured Health Hero - Terry Hitchcock

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Terry Hitchcock is a man who was struggling trying to be a single father after the death of his wife from breast cancer. He became frustrated by the lack of support or understanding of the plight of the single father and the lack of awareness on the impact on the family when cancer takes a life. He decided he needed to bring attention to it and decided he would do something he never did before. He would run a marathon. But he did not run one, he ran 26 consecutive marathons from Minneapolis to Atlanta. This action and his actions since have raised millions of dollars for breast cancer and related causes.

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When struggling with an issue personally, he learned how to overcome the odds, took action in his own life, and then decided to spread the word about a problem and did a Share it to raise awareness, and later, millions of dollars to help others.

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"...nothing is impossible... is what I always say to young people. We are only limited by what we dream and what we are willing to work for."

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Terry Hitchcock

Click here to learn more about Terry Hitchcock.

Terry Hitchcock's book, My Run has been made into an award winning documentary.

Here is a clip from a speech he recently gave to a group of medical professionals in Florida.

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Contact Terry Hitchcock at or PO Box 129, Prior Lake, MN 55372. He is available for speaking engagements.