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Wellness Tracker

Be a Force for Health

Join Student Health Force, a health education movement that transforms students into health champions, and become a force for health in your community.

Student Health Force offers K-12 enrichment curriculum and programs to create a healthier generation. Students learn to make healthier choices, choose to live healthier lifestyles, and share healthy behaviors with their community by following three easy steps — Learn it! Live it! Share it!®

Check out ways our students are a force for health!

Small ArrowClipboardLearn it!

Learn it! is your first step to health literacy. It is the power behind Student Health Force®.

Learn it! topics focus on creating a generation of health literate citizens through:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Tobacco use prevention
  • Cardiac chain of survival
  • Health literacy

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Small ArrowHealth MeterLive it!

What good is knowing what to do, if you do not act on your knowledge? Student Health Force® schools and communities become healthier one informed choice at a time.

Simple ways you can Live it! every day:

  • Make healthy food choices.
  • Move your body!
  • Initiate behavior changes such as quitting tobacco.
  • Create a personal wellness plan.
  • Use the Wellness Tracker to plot your progress.

Small ArrowStudent with chat bubbleShare it!

Now it is time to share what you learned to help your friends and your family make healthier choices.

Share it! through advocacy activities:

  • Promote local resources such as parks or farmers' markets.
  • Film informative videos.
  • Initiate poster contests.
  • Write song, poetry, or short stories.

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Community Health Force® applies resources in a community to advance the health of children.


The Student Health Force® program is available for your use or review. Empower yourself or your kids (scout troop, Sunday school class, etc.) to advance their health and that of their family and community! Learn more about Community Health Force® and register for (free) access to Student Health Force®

School Staff

Any teacher of any discipline can become a Wellness Coach in the Student Health Force®. School nurses, food preparation staff, or administrators, empower yourself as well as your students to advance their health and that of their family and community! Learn more about Community Health Force® and register for (free) access to Student Health Force®