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InnerLink is a health IT company with a multidisciplinary team focused on improving the health of people and the communities in which they live. To learn more about InnerLink, go to our website.

The Student Health Force Team

InnerLink has created a full time team on experts from across the disciplines to focus entirely on creating a community of wellness, with the focus on using the school, after school, and faith based community as aggregators of students and programs. In addition, it uses a series of subject matter experts and research collaborators to assist in making sure the Student Health Force is the best designed, implemented, and evaluated evidenced based, cross disciplinary program that it can be.

Robert Gillio

Robert Gillio, MD is the founder and chief medical officer of the Student Health Force?. Trained at the Mayo Clinic in pulmonary and critical care medicine, Dr. Gillio practiced for years treating preventable injury and illness. A problem solver and inventor, he has been recognized for solutions in health IT, patient safety, education, and emergency response. Not one to stand on the sidelines, he was on the scene helping after 9/11 and Katrina. Dr. Gillio has focused the next phase of his career on preventing or delaying chronic disease by developing the tools to put in place to create a community of wellness. His goal is to make it cool to learn, live, and share a healthy lifestyle.

Martha Lester Harris

Martha Lester Harris, BA, MPA leads the Coordinated School Health component of InnerLink's Student Health Force solution. Prior to co founding InnerLink in 2001, she led Pennsylvania's efforts to link economic development with workforce development, and authored Pennsylvania's initial Unified Plan for Workforce Investment. The plan led to the formation of private sector led Workforce Investment Boards and Youth Councils that oversee a comprehensive online and onsite system of providing career training and job placement assistance. She has worked for two Pennsylvania governors and a United States Senator from Pennsylvania, having served most recently as a Deputy Secretary and founding Chief Operating Officer of Pennsylvania's Workforce Investment Board, under former Governor Tom Ridge.

This Dickinson College and Harvard Kennedy School of Government trained policy expert has been recognized by current Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell as a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania for her multiple community, business, and government accomplishments. Her energy and passion are focused on bringing InnerLink's model for implementing coordinated school health in Pennsylvania to other states

Michael Curley

Michael Curley, Ed. D. is a veteran chief administrator of a three-campus career and technology center. He recently retired to become a Distinguished School Leader and is in residence at other career and technology centers across Pennsylvania. Over the course of his career, he helped garner more than $100,000,000 for career and technology education and training, and has impacted the lives of thousands of children. His attention is now focused on creating the next workforce using the Student Health Force to help create employable students with 21st Century career skills and the motivation to achieve and serve their communities. Dr. Curley leads the consulting group that assesses the needs of a community and directs the implementation required to fulfill those needs.

Sandy Menaquale

Sandy Menaquale is the professional on loan to the New Orleans Recovery School District. In her distinguished thirty?year career at a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, Ms. Menaquale held positions in operations, new product planning, human resources, sales management, and training. This experience poised her to demand and receive a level of professionalism and respect from the administration, teachers, and students throughout the program.

Sam Nalbone

Sam Nalbone is an expert strategist and health technology entrepreneur. As a former leader at 3M, Orthovita, and RXVP, he brings to the table practical business modeling that make public health and education programs sustainable. Mr. Nalbone leads the strategy team for Student Health Force?, finding models and resources to make the program a stimulating experience for all students as they learn to prevent chronic diseases.

Jason Sunseri

Jason Sunseri is currently the Vice President of Product Development. Jason is in charge of the content and knowledge areas for professional development. His background in special education, instructional design, and work with industry and the Space Foundation make him a unique talent to lead his team in creating useful, engaging, and evidenced based, cross disciplinary approaches to the program.

Beth Gillio

Beth Gillio is a registered dietitian who holds degrees from Penn State University in nutritional science. She did post-graduate training at the Mayo Clinic in clinical dietetics. Beth assists with building content for nutrition education and creates seasonal menus for students and staff. Her goal is to make learning the science of nutrition interesting and fun, and to create an appreciation that healthy eating is a life-style to be enjoyed.

InnerLink Academy

A collection of subject matter experts and researchers that are involved as needed. These include

  • John Tardibuono: Child psychologist
  • Sandy Lloyd: Nurse Educator: Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  • Bonnie Kraybill: Science Teacher
  • Dr. Robert Karch: Professor of Wellness, American University
  • Michael Diamond: Community Organizer and Adjunct Professor Northwestern and DePaul Public Health
  • Aaron Usiskin: Web Design and online marketing expert
  • Genie Short: Partners in Community Wellness Foundation

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