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Keitron Williams survived Katrina and the violent death of his brother and was contemplating dropping out of school when he was assigned to be in the pilot group of students for the New Orleans STEPS to a Healthier New Orleans Intern program. There he was exposed to learning the material and trying to live what he learned. As part of the training, he was encouraged to keep a journal and write stories and poetry when he had emotional or inspired thoughts.

The results have now been published as a small book of his poetry that he hopes will inspire others. He Learned it, Lived it, and now is doing his part to Share it in his own way and his own words.

Featured Share it! My Inspired Thoughts by Keitron Williams

  • Click for excerpt poem from book ? Mirror Man poem or click here to make a small donation and get a free copy of his book for yourself.
  • Lessons Learned: Successes Achieved by Robert Gillio and Evangeline Franklin ? Click to buy the book.

Students can have their teachers submit their work to us for use to create a funding stream for their education. Posters, drawings, essays, books, songs, and video are all eligible. InnerLink is collecting media created by students for a series of featured students and the media they produced. In conjunction with the Partners for Community Wellness Foundation, we invite teachers to submit the work of a student they wish us to feature and try to earn money for his or her health or education needs on the Student Health Force Support It! page.

Students need to be in high school and have created the media as part of a Student Health Force Share It! activity. They need to fill out and have a parent or legal guardian sign this form. Click here to get the form or check this article - url.

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